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My Dog Is Scratching His Ears, What is Wrong?

#Doodles ears are prone to infection so keeping their ear canals clean is a must! How do you know if your pal has an ear infection? Many times the dood will paw at his ears, trying to scratch away the pain. They may rub the sides of their heads on the floor looking for relief. Also, there are visible signs, lift up your doods floppy ears and take a look. If it looks like the picture below, you have a problem! This nasty look will likely be accompanied by a foul odor.

A dog's ear canal has an almost 90 degree angle in it, this means two things for you. First it is easy for dirt and bacteria to get down deep into the canal with little hope for escape since your dood will not be standing on his/her head anytime soon. Second this means you have to have a really good way of flushing out the nasty's.

To treat your dood, take a vet approved antiseptic ear flush, like #Curaseb, take a cotton ball and soak it, place the cotton ball as deep into the ear as you can. Remember 90 degree angle, so no worries about getting it stuck. Take the dogs floppy ear and hold it straight up, then gently squeeze and massage the base of their ear to release the antiseptic into the canal. This will make a squishy sound, when you hear this, you know you are doing it right. This process does not bother most doods, but after you take the cotton ball out let them to shake their heads. This will allow them to clear the canal to a more comfortable state. Don't worry that they will shake out all of the antiseptic, what is left behind will do its job. Take a clean cotton ball that is lightly moistened and wipe out the remaining visible portions of the rest of the ear canal. This process should be repeated at least 1x week unless your dood is a swimmer. In that case, you want to flush their ears after every swim!

Take good care of your fur baby with good, vet approved products. You will want to keep a bottle on hand at all times along with a bag of cotton balls. Check their ears often, and keep them clean - your dood will love you for it!

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