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What Type of Hair Will My Doodle Have?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

What type of coat will my #puppy have? Will they have #curly, #straight or #wavy? When will they start getting curly? These are questions we receive on a regular basis her at #MagnoliaRoadDoodles so we thought we should take some time and explain the mystery.

First things first, #doodles are a mixed breed, a combination of poodle with, well, these days any other given type of dog, with golden retrievers being the most common. It is because of this, there remains a variety of coat texture types, including; curly, wavy or straight. Why? The answer is in the genetics.

Every puppy gets one copy of every gene from its mother and one from its father. For our puppies here at Magnolia Road Doodles, this is relevant because both parents have the long hair gene. This means that regardless of texture, their coat will be long. As for the texture, that is another story.

In determining which type of coat your puppy will have; speaking now to texture, depends on which gene is dominant. For the best explanation, here is a short video from Embark that speaks directly to doodle trait genetics.

Without genetic testing it is impossible to predict the type of texture your puppy will inherit. Even within the same litter there can be variants. Goldendoodles coats can also change as they get older in both texture and color. We would be remiss if we also forgot to point out that with mixed breeds you always have to leave room for surprises. In this way, doodles are likened to a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

From birth to eight weeks of age doodle coats go from flat to fluffy. After this point, this same coat starts to change as their adult coat comes in. Though there may be early indicators, by the time your pup reaches their first birthday you will know which coat texture they inherited. Regardless of coat type and texture, we can predict that your doodle will be full of love!

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